If you are part of the Tri-State Restaurant Reviews page, you know that there's a lot of local flavor! Recently, I posted 22 Hidden Gem Restaurants in the Tri-State. It did so well, I decided to find 20 more eateries that you might not think about when you are ravenous!

These are all from Tri-State Restaurant Reviews page. The page admins asked us to not share the names of who wrote them but you are welcome to head on over to their page and request access to see all the reviews!


Mama's Kitchen in Evansville, IN

Quick and delicious Pad Thai from Mama's Kitchen. We walked in, placed our order, and in less than 10 minutes our food was ready to go. The menu isn't huge, but everything is made fresh and served up quickly.


Carne Asada LLC. in Evansville, IN

If you haven't tried this place yet you're missing out on an Evansville classic. Bubbles has been smoking meats and preparing his locally one-of-a-kind sides for years, and he and David and their crew have it down to an art. I've never had bad food from them and I think what they charge is a great value.

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Manna Grill in Evansville, IN

I had lunch at one of my favorite spots. Manna on Lincoln Ave. I ordered gyro with Greek side salad combo. My husband ordered gyro with fries. We split an order of falafel. It is counter service. We order immediately. It was about 2 pm and there was a good crowd. Waited about 7 minutes for food. All is cooked to order. It is a family run business and the owner or family is always there. These are the best gyros anywhere in my opinion. Restaurant was clean as usual and service is friendly.
They usually have lamb shank for dinner special, it's My husbands favorite.

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Another Broken Egg Cafe in Owensboro, KY

I had a chance to try some breakfast at Another broken Egg cafe in Owensboro, it is located in the Holiday inn, this might be the best breakfast I have had at a hotel. I had the french toast with Bananas Foster and the wife had Berry Oatmeal.


Sandy's Pizza in Fort Branch and Princeton, IN

OK. First time I've ever had dinner with my family at Sandy's pizza. Amazing pizza and service. Going to try the Strom pizza with sweet peppers next time. Got the 20" pizza for $41 bucks. Four people and we could have fed 8. They also have a 28". It would feed 15 easy. Really cool atmosphere.


Jalisco's in Newburgh

I love Jalisco's in Newburgh..family friendly, great staff, HUGE portions. Got my favorite for lunch, two chicken chimichangas with rice and beans..they don't skimp on the beloved cheese sauce. My husband got the same but with pork, and my girls shared a kids meal..for $5 they got a hard shell taco, an enchilada, and rice. The kids meals are so big they always share and get stuffed. We are an early lunch at 11 and I'm still stuffed.

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The Pizza Revolution in Evansville, IN

Awesome lunch from The Pizza Revolution! Sausage and Shroom, Chicken Bacon Ranch and a pepperoni

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Di Legge's in Evansville, IN

We started with the Gamberi Sauté Shrimp scampi baked in olive oil garlic and Parmesan cheese topped with Italian breadcrumbs, and for our salad we got the Insalata DiLegge fresh green tomatoes onions olives and dry herbs tossed with a house dressing and grated Parmesan cheese. For our main course I ordered the Veal Piccata sautéed in white wine and fresh lemon butter with a side of pasta for my side I got the garlic olive oil and herbs on angel hair pasta. Andy ordered the Veal Forrester sautéed mushrooms seasonings in a rich white wine sauce served on a bed of linguine we also ordered a side of Mostaccioli with DiLegge's meat sauce ground beef in a thick tomato sauce I really love this one it was a little on the Sweetside for Andy it's still said it was pretty good as with my angel hair pasta.


Kanpai in Evansville, IN

The fam had dinner at Kanpai tonight. This is my second trip. My first trip was just as great. For some background info, I have always said I don't like Asian food but I always want to like it so I try it here and there and have never been successful until I came to Kanpai. Their ingredients are very high quality and that makes all the difference.


Little Italy in Evansville, IN

Got carry out from Little Italy last night. So much food! It was insane. If you haven't tried their food, you should. I got spaghetti last night, which is always tasty, but the pesto is a definite must. And the pizza is great also, more traditional style crust for those that get bored with the never ending cracker crust in this area.


Enigma Bar & Grille in Newburgh, IN

Ran to Enigma Bar and Grill last night to meet some friends. Since I already ate, I did not order any food, but my friends did. Grill chicken with rice and veggies and salmon with veggies. Then grill chicken nachos with guac. I had a taste of each and like I have said before, top notch. The food is just great…


Mission BBQ in Evansville, IN

Wanted to share my Mission BBQ experience. I must admit, I was a little hesitant after seeing a few reviews yesterday on the brisket, because that is what I had my heart set on… But I have to say, it did not disappoint. We arrived about 1045 and cars were already waiting for the doors to open at 11. About 5 min before opening people started lining up. We got right in, but within a few minutes the line was out the door, but it was moving rather quickly. Once inside it smelled amazing. I chose the 2 meat combo of pulled pork and brisket with baked beans. You have the option of your brisket being “moist” or “lean”. Moist being more of a fatty cut, and lean of course less fatty. My friend and I both chose moist, and that it definitely was. It melted in your mouth. We talked to the young girl working the dining room about the difference in moist and lean brisket and she brought us a sample of the lean to try. Still very good, but not melt in your mouth like the moist was. The pulled pork was amazing as well. Both had such amazing flavor, to be honest, no sauce was really necessary. We both did try a little of each, my favorite was the Texas Twang, my friend liked the Smoky Mountain. My baked beans were good, probably not the best I’ve ever had, but that is just personal preference. They were very flavorful with pieces of brisket in them. My friend chose mac & cheese as her side, and I tried it and thought it was good as well. The cornbread was also good and very fresh tasting. My total was $14.97 but I chose to purchase the optional American Heroes cup for $3.99 and $2 of that goes to the Wounded Warrior Project. I will definitely be back, next time I might even let my family tag along 😉

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Feed Mill in Morganfield, KY


Getting hit with crab leg juice as I write this! Enjoying all you can eat crab legs at the Feedmill in Morganfield KY tonight. Crab legs are awesome and they keep them coming as long as you can eat them. Waitresses were friendly and attentive. Other entrees in our group included grilled chicken breasts and the Bayou Shrimp (which is very similar to Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish). I could only eat about 3 of the Bayou shrimp because it was way too spicy! Waitress explained that some cooks make it spicier than others but this was over kill. The guys enjoyed the Crab legs though!

MA .T. 888 CHINA BISTRO in Evansville, IN

Reluctant to write a review of China Bistro….so many have been posted here. But lunch today was so wonderful. Started with the best egg drop soup in town(IMO)…..piping hot and rich and creamy. Entree was the Kung Pao beef, ordered extra spicy. So much I could say, but it’s all been said before….elegant, wonderful, epicurean delight, etc., etc. and all for the mind blowing price of $9.27 (not including tip). Have come to just love this place!!


Walton's International Comfort Food in Evansville, IN

We tried Walton’s International Comfort Food the other night and loved it. They seem to do a good job serving both the bar crowd and families.The menu offered a variety of unique items. The strom was excellent, instead of bread, it starts with fresh dough wrapped around the meat and cheese inside. I had the Pork Belly Melt and it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had. Chef/owner Tim Mills came over to chat for a few minutes at our table. Yummy food in a unique atmosphere. It’s worth checking out.

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Leroy's Tavern in Evansville, IN

Looking for a great fish sandwich Friday for lent ? Let
me suggest this one. Thick fresh and on a buttered grilled bun. The best I’ve had for $4.00.

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Oasis Cafe in Newburgh, IN

Stopped in at Oasis Cafe today for lunch. It’s on Virginia in the same complex as Crazy Sake. We were welcomed by Raffi Manna and immediately felt at home. We ordered the falafel, baba gganouj, and hummus for an appetizer. My preggo wife ate it all before I could taste a picture but said it was all excellent. The falafel was slightly moist on the inside which is hard to find! The ultimate meat lovers combo came out next and was amazing! The kafta had a great texture and perfectly seasoned. The chicken shwarma was to die for. Honestly it was all done to perfection. If you love middle eastern/ Mediterranean food you have to check this place out!

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Commonwealth Kitchen + Bar in Henderson, KY

Went to Commonwealth Kitchen for lunch with my mom. Our server (Jordan maybe?) asked if we’d like the Brussels sprouts (no, I do not like them, blech, no ; ) but sure, yes, let’s try them. Amazing! Roasted buttery goodness in every bite. I had to make myself stop. We shared the buffalo mac n cheese. Perfect! Chicken was juicy, pasta was just right, and the sauce was mildly spicy and rich . We finished off with the blueberry/lemon bread pudding and a Nutella brownie with coffee ice cream on the side. Both were delicious, I think the brownie was my favorite though. Definitely will be back, 5-stars *service was as great as the food

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Full Moon Bar & Grill in Evansville, IN

Picked up carry out order from full moon bar and grill on west side of Evansville. Food is always fresh and tasty and portions are huge for price. We got cowboy burger, chicken ceasar salad, mozzarella sticks, and bacon and cheese baked potato with side of fruit. Total was 32 and change!


American Diner in Boonville, IN

All I can say is wow ! I'm at the all American diner in boonville. Clean , affordable & friendly service.  I ordered biscuit with gravy, bacon, egg, hashbrowns , coffee .... My total $7. The biscuits are covered in crumbled sausage then smothered in gravy . Bacon perfectly cooked , egg over easy perfectly made, hashbrowns not too greasy & not too crispy. I'm pleased!


Get to Know Owensboro Cuisine

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Beef O’ Brady’s – 8 boneless wings
The Miller House – Burger & fries
TGI Friday’s – Jack Daniel’s Burger & Fries
Catfish Willie’s – 6 boneless wings, Drink & Fry
Salsaritas – Ground Beef or Chicken Nachos and drink
Madewell’s Corner Café – Burger, fries, drink and dessert
Bee Bops – Hamburger steak plate and drink

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