Kids say the darndest things.  And sometimes, through their innocence, they can simplify and paint a crystal clear picture of an insanely complicated world.  That's exactly what happened this week in Ryan Nowak's 5th grade class at Saint Wendel Catholic School in Wadesville, IN.  Mr. Nowak challenged his students to write argumentative paragraphs answering the question, "Should Syrian refugees be welcomed into America?" And one of the answers he received will blow you away.

Photo from St. Wendel

It's important to note that Ryan had not discussed this topic or the recent events in Paris that ignited the ongoing, heated debate here in the United States.  But Ryan did ask, no matter which side of the argument the students represented, to follow up with a prayer for the refugees.  And one young lady in his class offered this . . .

Dear Powerful God,

Forgive me for when I didn't take advantage of my freedom of religion. Thank you God for letting me live in America, a free country, Please help Syrian refugees stay alive in their hard times. Help them to do the right things. Help U.S. leaders to let them into our country. Please help me to take advantage of my freedom. Help me to do the right things.


From the mouths of babes . . .