When we left off Friday with "Prynce the Pup Who Wouldn't Give Up" (I think I just came up with the book title and Lifetime movie name), he was in Louisville getting treatment for all of his injuries. Well, I'm happy to report that he is home and doing really well. After all that this little guy has been through it's truly a miracle!

Prynce was able to come home from Louisville much sooner than we all thought was possible, but probably not spunky little Prynce! He still has a lot of healing left to do, but the good news is that his care should all be able to be handled here in Owensboro. Jennifer indicated that they are still waiting for some of the testing results to come back to see about any further infections, plan of long term treatment, medications, etc. He is eating some, playing a little and loving a lot! After everything this family has been though with this spunky little pup, what more could they ask for. Continued healing and prayers for Prynce on his journey to a full recovery! And, if he needs an agent, I’m available.

Friday's Post: September 23rd, 2016

Are you a huge pet lover like me? Is it your worst fear that your pet will rush out the door, free the gate, jump out of your arms, slip out of their collar and run away? It can happen in an instant and it happened to Prynce. Here’s the story of Prynce and his amazing adventure. This heartwarming story isn’t over yet.

Prynce’s story began Thursday evening, August 25th on a night just like any other. He went missing and it would begin a 27 day journey for an entire community and one that I became invested in as well. His Mom, Jennifer was so smart and knew about all of the social media tools available to get the word out about missing pets and immediately went into action. She also enlisted Lost Pet Professionals about a week and a half after there were no leads to see if their K9 dogs could track his scent which led them five miles from home and then to a dead end. Then two weeks went by with still no Prynce and a very anxious family. More social media posts and more searches of the Maceo area followed. A whole community was praying and searching. I was following the story continually while hugging my Lucy (also a shih tzu mix) tightly at night. Then yesterday morning at 7:45 came the news we all hoped for….Prynce had been found! I called Jennifer with cautious excitement to see how he was doing later in the afternoon. Prynce had been found wandering on a road making his way back to their house (insert made for television movie) and a neighbor found him and brought him home to his family. Can you imagine? After the shock and excitement wore off came the realization that he needed immediate care. See, Prynce is in very bad shape. After spending yesterday in veterinarian care in Owensboro he was rushed to Louisville at 5:00 to so he could get better care for his wounds. He has been in the elements for weeks and I don’t need to type what kind of wounds he has as we can all imagine. One thing is clear. This little guy is spunky and a fighter. Another thing is clear. This family and community hasn’t and won’t give up on him!


To learn more about Prynce and his family and to help with his medical care go to Bring Prynce Home on Facebook today!

If you have a lost or missing pet utilize these social media tools on Facebook as they can bring your pet home!

Lost and Found pets in Owensboro Ky

Lost and Found pets in Owensboro Ky

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