Even though Brenda Sharp had been experiencing recent back pain I knew without a doubt that she could complete her very first 5K. Brenda has slowly and steadily built a strong fitness foundation through exercising five days a week and by eating foods that fuel her body. I knew this year was going to be instrumental to Brenda's physical and spiritual health.

During the course of the year we have shared some mountain top experiences and then we spent some time in the valley. Brenda has gone from walking 15 minutes three times a week to walking for one hour 5 days a week. Plus, she has included several group exercise classes into her fitness routine like;Total Body Challenge, Pilates and Step Power.

I suggested to her to take that next milestone step and sign up for a local 5K to benefit CareNet. Since Shaped by Faith was going to be one of the sponsors for the Reindeer Run/Walk, I let her know that she had to sign up for the event regardless if she wanted to or not. Talk about pressure, about 5 days out from the 5K Brenda's back started to give her problems. I assured her that she would be fine by race day. I knew God had her back. With lots of prayers and encouragement Brenda completed her first 5K! We had two other ladies join us from our Total Body Challenge class and everyone enjoyed their time walking and cheering Brenda on to victory! Way to go Brenda!

Please tune in to hear how Brenda did in her first 5K. Listen this Friday, Saturday & Sunday on 1490 WOMI and 99.1 FM at 8 AM, CT. You can click this link to listen live from anywhere //womiowensboro.com/listen-live/popup/