Are you afflicted with this little known disease? If so, you’re not alone!

I often think that we’re all born a certain way. That who we are as adults may very well be who we were as children. People have asked me over the years…Barb have you always been this way. The mystery was solved while cleaning out my parent’s house after they passed away a couple of years ago. I found my 2nd grade progress report and realized, the mystery has been solved. I haven’t changed at all! I realize now that I have a disease. One that afflicts thousands every year. The first step is to admit it. So, for those who think Barb is obnoxious, loud, irritating, too happy, annoying, hyper…….I think we can stop there! I won’t apologize because it isn’t my fault. I was born this way and have a disease. Watch my powerful video and see if you can relate. There’s hope for all of us!

Thank you to the VP of my Fan Club, Ashley Sollars for putting this video together to help get the message out. I’ve asked Chad and Jaclyn if they can work on a song and music video to bring more attention to the cause. Maybe a radiothon will be in the works! Just remember that you’re not alone.