When I was a kid, my family picnicked a lot. We didn't live that far from Legion Park, so that was always an option. But so was Chatauqua or Moreland. But our favorite was Ben Hawes Park. Of course, then it was a state park.

This was the routine. We'd wolf down our food, then all us kids would jump over that little ditch that separated the picnic tables from the playground and run like maniacs toward the equipment.

Everything, as some of you may remember, was rocket themed.

And, of course, the main attraction was the big rocket slide.

And we always tried to see how many people we could cram into that thing. It had multiple levels. Sometimes we'd try to get to the very tip top, the "cone," I believe is what you'd call it.

But, to get to the top, I believe you had to climb up to it from the outside and just pray your mom didn't see you or you'd be benched.

Today, Daviess County Fish and Game purchased it at an auction at the Owensboro Convention Center.

I hope a whole new generation of kids will enjoy it as much as multiple generations of children have enjoyed over the many years.