Barb Birgy is a very very very....Energetic DJ and she has an Amazing~ Attitude and outlook on life! She reminds me of the energizer bunny:) Barb is a Radio Personality at 92.5 The Country Station! WBKR. She is also a Marketing Consultant at Townsquare Media.

I loved listening to Barb share how she got her start in radio and then how she moved to Owensboro KY in 1996 and has been at WBKR hosting her own Saturday morning show ever since. Barb is a Warrior when it comes to her Faith. She has had her Faith tested more than a few times in the last 3 years. Barb shares how she has walked by Faith through each storm  that came her way. She shares with us how she kept a positive attitude through each storm. You don't want to miss this interview! You can listen this Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 8:00 am on 1490 WOMI & 99.1 FM. Click her to listen live~

In the Shaped by Faith exercise segment I had Barb demonstrate a lower body exercise that is so good for the knees, hips, ankles, feet and helps bring circulation into the body.