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Shaped by FAITH Partner Ball Exercise
Shaped by FAITH Partner Ball Exercise
My radio guests Berly Sullivan Tillman & Maria Shyver from Mentor Kids KY did an amazing job demonstrating the partner ball exercise. Grab a partner at home, work or wherever and give this one a try! Yo...
Shaped by Faith: Wall Sit [Video]
Most everyone can find a wall to sit on! This amazing simple isometric exercise strengthens your Quadriceps muscles on the top part of the leg. This large muscle is necessary for day to day activities such as walking and rising from a seated position...
Fun Things to Do at Diamond Lake This Summer [Podcast]
In this podcast, Brian Smith, Head Honcho at Diamond Lake, visits with Beck Glenn from the Owensboro Convention and Visitors Bureau.
There is so much going on. You can have a fun time virtually every week just a few miles from your front porch.
Let's Listen.
Frankfort Report With Tommy Thompson and Jim Glenn [Podcast]
I got a call this week from Tommy Thompson who said we need to do a better job of providing you updates with what is going on Kentucky's legislature. And, boy was he right. So ... Let's check in with our State Representatives Glenn and Thompson for a report on what's happening in Fran…

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