It's school picture season and Angel and I thought it would be fun to have some school photos of our own made.  So, we decided to crash School Picture Retake Day at Highland Elementary School.  Check out our photos!

Here's Angel outside Highland Elementary!

And here's me . . . so very excited to go inside and get my picture taken!  You don't often see an elementary school student who's sleeved with tattoos.  LOL!

And here we are in front of the lighthouse in the Highland lobby!  Even though Picture Day is fun we are striving for academic success by demonstrating our innate leadership abilities and commitment to bettering ourselves through education.  Go Highland Hornets!

And, finally, we made it into the photo studio, where we channeled our inner-elementary school students and served up some big smiles and big personalities for the camera.  Here's a look at some of our official LifeTouch proofs from our photo session!!

We were working that camera lens!  We walked into the room ready to hit our marks and said "CHEESE!"  And, well, there was plenty of cheesin'.

Thanks to Leslie Peveler and the entire Highland Elementary School staff for inviting us and letting us be a part of the fun!  And thanks to LifeTouch School Portraits for allowing us to enjoy Picture Day too.  We can't wait to get our 8 x 10's and wallet sizes to share with our classmates.

We just hope our parents don't send us back for retakes like these youngsters!