Our digital managing editor, Ashley, was shopping with her mom at an antique store in Newburgh when a coat turned up bearing the label of an old Owensboro retail establishment.

Now, if I do say so myself, I'm pretty good about remembering old, defunct businesses in this town IF they were still in operation in a part of my lifetime from which I still have memories.

A guy who's fixing my car right now drove me past what used the Eagles on West 4th earlier this morning and mentioned that he remembered when it was an IGA way back in the day.

And, I do too.

Vaguely, but I remember it.

But the store on this coat's label is one that is completely unfamiliar to me.

I did find something on Google Books about a Levy Brothers Clothiers in Louisville and Owensboro is mentioned, but I'm not sure they're one in the same.

Can anyone add to what I've learned?

Ashley Sollars
Ashley Sollars
Ashley Sollars