It's one of the biggest secrets known to mankind, but is it possible the jig is up? KFC's  recipe of 11 herbs and spices (which herbs? what spices?) is among the world's most safely-guarded secrets.

Think about it.

If you ate Kentucky Fried Chicken and washed it down with a Dr. Pepper (made from another top secret recipe list), wouldn't you be on some special type of FBI list?

Why, if what the Chicago Tribune is reporting is true, Colonel Sanders will be rolling over in his grave.

(Of course, he may have already done that after seeing himself portrayed by George Hamilton.)

But honestly, those 11 herbs and spices are serious business to the KFC Corporation and they can't be too comfortable with what the Tribune's Jay Jones discovered during a visit to the KFC hometown of Corbin, Kentucky.

He went to the Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum and was shown a photo album.

In the back of the album was a document and on the back of the document was a handwritten note with the heading "11 Spices--Mix with 2 Cups White Fl."

And THAT was followed by a list of ingredients.

Could it be?

I'd imagine a good cook could take that recipe and see what happens.

And I'd certainly be interested to know what was learned.