Have you ever wondered what the most expensive houses in Owensboro are? I have and, really, the only way to know is to check out the local realtor site and find out which ones are on the market and how much you'd have to drop to live in one.

Let's get real...you'd have to drop a BUNDLE!

I have counted down the top five and here they are:


5. 2645 Pleasant Valley Road: $769,000

Chad Day/ Triple Crown Realty Group, LLC

4. 14 Hilltop Drive: $799,500

JoAnn Risner/Risner & Associates Realty Inc.

2. 13 Stone Creek Park: $1,200,000

Charlotte Burdette/Risner & Associates Realty Inc.

2. 4451 Highway 60 West: $1,200,000 (We have a tie!)

Blake Hayden/Remax Professional Realty Group

(And now...drum roll please...)

1. 36 Stone Creek Park: a whopping $1,495,000

JoAnn Risner/Risner & Associates Realty Inc.


There you have it. And, by the way, if I sound like a rube thinking these houses sound really expensive, it's just because I wouldn't ever need anything this big. Then again, they could be considered very reasonable compared to what I saw out west.

Not moving out THERE either.