Are you familiar with the creepy clowns that have been spotted around the country? Most recently they've led to arrests and school lockdowns in Alabama.

One or more of them were haunting wooded areas in the Carolinas last month.

Well, my fellow Kentuckians, there has now been a creepy clown sighting in the Bluegrass State.

Don't be alarmed just yet, though.

We're talking London, Kentucky

But since it seems clear that the reason there have been MULTIPLE sightings across MULTIPLE states, we're talking copycats, right?

I'm not saying we should expect any around here.

And I'm fairly sure there's a certain someone you hear every single weekday morning who isn't interested in a creepy clown sighting around here. So I'd imagine HE'S not expecting it.

But, in all seriousness, there's nothing funny about any of this. The police in areas where the clowns have been spotted are taking this VERY seriously as well they should.

I, for one, will not hesitate to notify the authorities if I spot one. Neither should you.