Well, it looks like Owensboro isn't going to be left out of the creepy clown cycle, after all.


Now if you click on the blog on the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer's website, you won't get all of the story if you're not a subscriber, but you CAN make out enough to learn that the Owensboro Police Department has received multiple complaints about clown sightings since Friday.

Here's my two cents, clowns. If you're just doing this to latch onto a trend, understand that police departments around the country are taking this very seriously.

I saw one comment somewhere, and maybe it was on that tweet, from someone who's worried that someone might wind up getting hurt.


Someone really could!

Since we're so close to Halloween, warnings have been issued in other parts of the country, so, look, clowns, knock it off, okay?

It's not funny.