Nothing brings out more highly-specific and personal family traditions like Christmas. But I do know that there are many families who do the "Elf on the Shelf" thing.

My family never did it and I'm not sure how old that tradition is but maybe it just wasn't around when I was a kid.

Regardless, a lot of folks do Elf on the Shelf. And it's the sort of thing that would suit me to a tee.

Hiding something in a different place all the time? Are you kidding?

But maybe we should leave at the LITTLE Elves on the Shelves and not go where one man did when he became a LIFE-SIZE Elf on the Shelf and posted some really creepy images in the process.

And, honestly, I'm not sure how it was POSSIBLE to do a couple of them without at least two people helping him.

Nonetheless, since I can't use those images in this blog, you'll need to click here to see them for yourselves.

But you've been warned.