Every year, the  Kentucky Association of School Administrators presents its Fred Award, which recognizes district heroes for their exceptional devotion to kids and service to others.

This year, KASA has selected DCPS bus driver Kenny Kelley as one of its three finalists.

On May 4th, representatives from KASA will be in Owensboro to follow "Mr. Kenny" as he goes through his daily routine which begins at 5AM when he serves coffee to dispatchers.

Bus inspection begins at 6AM followed by a 6:25AM departure.

At 7, Mr. Kenny arrives at Highland Elementary where he leads the kids, single file like a train, into the cafeteria.

He even leads them through the breakfast line.


Mr. Kenny reminds me of a couple of bus drivers I had when I was a kid going to Masonville Elementary, in that they were huge favorites among all us kids.

Mr. Henderson when I was in first grade and Pat when I was in fourth grade. I never knew Pat's last name. She just always asked us to call her Pat.

But back to Mr. Kenny, for whom recognition is nothing new.

He was the 2016 recipient of the DCPS' Great Expectations Customer Service Award.

Mr. Kenny and his wife, Ruth, will be KASA guests of honor at a reception at the Galt House in Louisville, Thursday, July 21st at 5PM Easter/4PM Central.

The following morning, the three finalists will receive plaques and cash awards.

We congratulate Mr. Kenny and thank him for his service which he clearly provides with no effort, only a genuine love for the kids for whom he sets an extraordinary example every single day.