Recently, my family and I took a trip to Florida. I planned on cooking in our condo's kitchen for my family during the trip because I love to cook but I became ill and wasn't able to prepare too many meals; which meant we went out to eat for most of the week. It was during this time that something became very evident to me.

My three-year-old daughter loves going out to eat. It's kind of embarrassing that she will snag my phone and tell Siri to call her aunt or grandparents and say, "Hi, Aunt Laura. It's Ava. Can I come over tonight and you guys take me out to eat?" I'm like, seriously? That's NOT coming from me. Give me that phone, right now! Sorry. Sorry. Sorry!

We don't go out too much but when we do, I've noticed that most (not all, but most) restaurants offer a very limited kid menu with one side item - French fries. Now, I understand that most kids really want to eat fried chicken fingers or burgers and fries and some parents are okay with this menu. No judgement here if that's how you roll but I would personally like to see more restaurants re-evaluate kids menus to include healthy options too. I mean, even McDonald's offers apple slices in the Happy Meal. And, as a child who was raised to eat a good deal of fruits and veggies, my daughter prefers apple sauce to fries. Now don't get me wrong, she won't turn down a chicken mcnugget but as her parent, I make the choice to not even give her that option if a grilled alternative is available (thank you. Chick fil A).

So, to all restaurants that offer a kid's menu - please evaluate your kids menu and offer some healthy options. Oh, and a stool at the bathroom sink so I don't have to suspend my 50 lb child in mid-air while simultaneously washing her flailing arms with one hand would be really nice too. That is all...