I have received my 2016-2017 User-Friendly Phone Book.  And I am taking their word for it that it's "user-friendly."  See, I am taking their word for it because I have to.  I haven't actually used it.  I put the phone book on my office desk at home and I have not yet opened the thing.  And that leads me to the question: Do people STILL use phone books?

Well, I did a little research.  According to a 2014 MSN Money article, 70% of the Americans who receive a phone book will NEVER open it.  Well, I am firmly planted in this majority.

That said, it seems people ARE using the Yellow Pages, but they've changed their approach.  Instead of opening the actual book that was left at the doorstep, they're using YP.com.  A recent Inc.com article claims that YP.com data suggests that 80 million people a month visit the website or use the Yellow Pages app.  That's huge.

Heck, I don't know about you, but I just ask Siri.  She can find a number quicker than I ever could.  So, as for me, I have the latest edition of the phone book, but I am trying to find something useful to do with it.  I really like this idea-