This is my bed.  And I'm using this photo of it (which is strangely missing pillows) to pose a very serious and probing question to you.  Do you make your bed every day or do you leave it unmade?

I'm not going to lie.  I can't tell you the last time that I actually made that bed. The only reason the left hand side of it is made in the photo is because I needed it to be made for the purpose of this less than scientific poll.  See, my personal theory is this (and feel free to adopt it and nestle it in your bosom as your own).  If I roll out of bed and leave it the way it is, it'll already be ready for me when I'm ready to roll back into it.  I have a very busy life and when I'm ready to crash . . . I'm ready to crash.  And I certainly don't want decorative throws and accent pillows standing between me and sleep.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

But, I realize that other folks prefer their beds to be made every day.  Just ask WBKR listener Sonja Newberry.  She makes her bed daily, but has a pretty good (and furry) reason for doing it.  Exhibit A . . .

Photo by Sonja Newberry

That's Juniper, Sonja's 100-pound German Shepherd, who likes to sprawl out across Sonja's king-size bed when Sonja's at work.  As Sonja says, "I cannot imagine not making our bed and sleeping in German Shepherd hair all night long."  LOL!  I suppose she makes her case.

But look what I found online!!  Validation for those of us who aren't in the habit of making our beds.  Finally!!  After 44 years of life, I finally have a valid, scientific excuse to be lazy.  Earlier this week on The CB Radio Show, Nashville Kat mentioned that she saw a story that claimed making your bed will actually trap the bed bugs in.  GROSS!!!  And this recent Fox News report confirms it.  Watch this!  But prepare to be completely wigged out by it.  It's Gnarly Party of One.

So, now what?   You gonna keep making that bed?  You wanna really want bed bug travel agents sending those ugly little critters to your bed and breakfast?  Or are you gonna just give in and leave it unmade like I do?