I happened upon a list of things you can't do in Kentucky anymore and there were actually things on that list that NOBODY can do anymore, whether you live in Kentucky or not. But there was one I was looking for in particular.

And it wasn't there.

I was looking for Kaintuck Territory.

Kaintuck Territory - June 1967 - 1st Year Open

Gunfight - Train Ride - Wheel Of DeathSpecial thanks to Wayne & Terry Stafford for filming this, converting it onto a DVD, & supplying us with these visual memories.If the video starts & stops a lot the first time you watch it, just let it run all the way through. Then when it stops, a "Replay" or "Play Again" option should pop up & when you play it again it will run straight through without any stops.

Posted by Kaintuck Territory on Thursday, February 9, 2012

When I was a kid, my family would just take off on weekends and go see what we could find. I guess you could say we were taking "staycations" before they were even invented.

On several such occasions, we'd go down to Kentucky Lake. We had friends who had relatives who'd let us hang out at their place on the lake and we'd sort of use that as a home base.

Kaintuck Territory was a tourist attraction in that area--in Benton--and we'd visit every time we went down there.

I suppose it would be considered pretty corny by today's standards, but who cares? We had a BLAST!

In 1967, Walter F. Sill Jr. built Kaintuck Territory which was a replica of an old western town, complete with staged gunfights.

Lynn Sill, the administrator for the Kaintuck Territory Facebook page and Sill's oldest daughter told me that Sill owned the attraction until 1978 when he sold it to a group of investors who then opened the park for the 1979 season.

In fact, she graciously permitted me to use images from the page for this blog. If you remember Kaintucky Territory, I hope you take a minute to click that link I provided and take a look for yourself.

In the meantime...

Walter F. Sill, Jr. via Facebook
Walter F. Sill, Jr. via Facebook
Walter F. Sill, Jr. via Facebook

Country music legends like Marty Robbins and Loretta Lynn also performed there.

You know, I'm pretty sure my dad took home movies of the fights but those old films are so fragile now, they'd probably disintegrate if I tried to transfer them.

And I can't put my finger on the pictures right now, but I know I took them.

If any of you visited Kaintuck Territory back in the day and you have photos, I'd love to see them.

Meantime, I'll go digging around for mine.