With the new movie Finding Dory on its way to theaters, I noticed a Facebook ad for Finding Dory aquarium merchandise at PetSmart. I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that just because you see a cute animal in a movie does not mean that breed or type of animal is a good fit for you and your family.

In fact, after a quick breeze though this List of Movies that Inspired Pet Trends, I learned that after Finding Nemo, the clown fish population was down 75% in the natural habitat. The demand was so high, they were taken from the ocean. Hello, didn't anyone watch the movie? They wanted OUT of the tank!

So, what happens to all the Dalmatians after Cruella is gone? What happens to rodents after everyone realizes they don't fix fancy gourmet meals? What happens to baby turtles when they don't grow up to be Ninjas? What happens to the hoards of Chihuahuas when people realize they aren't all sweet little Bruisers? I have a Chi - they are hate-filled, pint-sized jerks who need a LOT of attention! And, they don't like children! Well, most of them end up in animal shelters. And, sadly, a lot of them take the long walk or the flush.

So, before you run out and scoop up your Finding Dory merch and grab some cute little blue fish to complete your kid's childhood, remember... though it probably has a memory of only three seconds it will NEVER talk to you in Ellen's voice; it will need constant attention and a clean tank and when you go on vacation this summer, you will need someone to watch your pet. So, save yourself the worry and get a chia pet instead.