If you are anything like me, you get into "moods." Around springtime, I tend to get in the "throw everything away mood." If I haven't used something in the last 24 hours it might be headed out to the donation bin.

This morning, I noticed that Shebang's Great Dane Rescue is in need of some items that you just might be throwing out during one of your "moods."

Spring cleaning??? Don't throw away those old comforters, bedspreads, sheets or towels. The Great Dane rescues and boarders don't mind a few holes or wear and tear. We can always use bedding...

Shebangs Natural Selection pet food store is located in Reo, Indiana, by the Holiday Drive-In.

If you don't live close to Shebang's, many local humane societies need whites. It's a great way to recycle these items because dogs don't really care if they have stains!