You gotta love this. So, you bring your kid or kids with you grocery shopping and one of the first things they'll see is candy when you get in the store.

The Kroger out on East 4th has a remedy.

When you walk into that store, you'll see a big colorful table and lots of fruit on it.

You'll see a sign that says...well...this:


Pamela Burdette Clark via Facebook


How cool is that?

Free fruit for the little ones while the grown-ups do the shopping. Now, don't make the mistake of giving them those dried habanero chiles up there in the top left of the photo. They might be a little bit much for their young palates to take. Oh, by the way, here's the rest of the display:


Pamela Burdette Clark via Facebook


Good on Kroger!

Now let's get everybody else on board with this terrific idea.