The 95th annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is in full swing up and down Franklin Street, and in an effort to keep everyone safe, the Evansville Police Department has released their annual list of items not allowed on the premises.

The Department released the list through their Facebook page on Friday evening:

The list includes the following items:

  • Glass bottles / jars / containers
  • Pets of any type – with the exception of those pets that are participating in the Pet Parade on Saturday until 12 noon
  • Squirt guns / water balloons / squirt bottles
  • Bicycles / scooters / skateboards / rollerblades
  • Weapons of any type and / or items viewed to be hazardous

In light of recent events in New York and New Jersey where pressure cookers were used as explosive devices, the Department is also asking those attending the festival to be vigilant by reporting anything they deem to be suspicious (abandoned backpacks, etc.) to a nearby officer, firefighter, or West Side Nut Club member.