Though we are sad to report that Mr. Richard Buckman, an Evansville resident, passed away last August, he left a very clear message in his obituary that's making its way around the internet.

Mr. Buckman has instructed those who cared for him and wanted to show their appreciation of his life to skip the flowers and vote for pretty much anyone but Hillary Clinton.

In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary.

It looks like his friends and family appreciate Mr. Buckman's final request.

Thank you for giving me a smile today, Mr. Buckman. You can bet I will NOT be voting for Hillary! Rest in peace, sir and I give my deepest sympathies to your family. ~ Crystal Goodwin

My deepest sympathies to your family, sir. RIP Mr. Buckman. God bless + keep your family safe, + may he hold your sole in the palm of his hands. And, no worries, I would NEVER vote for Hillary C. ~ Eileen