For over 150 years First Christian Church in Owensboro has been a big part of the downtown landscape, but that all changed on March 18th, 2013 when a fire destroyed the church, but not the congregation. They always knew that they'd rebuild and rebuild they did! Today the church is nearly complete and I had a chance to check it out, take some pictures and find out what cool piece of history was salvaged, restored and will hang in the new church.



Chad took this photo on the day of the fire and as you can imagine there was very little left after the smoke cleared, but luckily there was something pretty special that was saved and restored. It's suspected that these stained glass windows are well over 100 years old and they kept the original burnt frames intact which I love. They will become pieces of artwork that will be hung in the church. I just think it's amazing they were saved from the fire and will be something everyone can reflect upon and remember just how far this amazing church and community have come.



Upcoming Events at the New Church:

Sunday, November 13th – Congregation Open House Tours

Monday, November 14th – Neighborhood Open House 5-7

Thursday, November 17th – Community Open House with Lunch 11-1 (Invitation Only)

Sunday, November 20th – Inaugural Worship in the Sanctuary

For more information about First Christian Church and a list of all upcoming activities you can go to their website:





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