Congrats to our big winner of the Football Pickem Challenge - Chris Moers! Chris will now have a shot at winning $10,000 by guessing the halftime and game score correctly!

We had a chance to catch up with Chris about his big win.

How do you feel about winning the Football Pickem?

I feel a great sense of accomplishment in winning the Pigskin Pickem. The other competitors were very challenging & it was an adventure every week. I have won a lot of contests in the past from WKDQ, which had to do with the number of entries & a lot of luck. This was much different. This may seem odd to some, but I actually believe I had Divine Intervention, because I can not take individual credit for the picks I made. Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, & while not believing He fixed any games, LOL, I do give credit to Him for my picks. My favorite verse in the Bible is Luke 1:37. "For with God nothing shall be impossible." If I have any chance in picking the "Big Game" half time & final scores of each team, it will not be by my doing.

Have you every played football or are you an ultimate fan?

I never played organized football. Just playground, physical education, & friends & family. Many hours have been spent in front of televisions over the years watching all levels of football.

What's your favorite team?

The Dallas Cowboys are my favorite pro football team. Since "Big Game" VI, through the good years, & the not so great years. I feel that a true fan will not change alliance to a temporary popular team, but stick it out for the long haul. The Colts were not in Indiana at the time of my choice, so I consider them my favorite AFC team.

Notre Dame is my favorite college football team. They have a high level of respect for every team they play. I really love the relationship they share with Navy, & no matter who wins, the sportsmanship has a legacy of generations between them.

Mater Dei is my favorite local high school team. I taught part time & also substitute taught there years ago. Knowing most of the players, going to the games, & chaperoning after game dances, I felt to be a small part of something really big.

All of these teams have been champions many times, but I would rather see them lose, than to see them disrespect other teams & players on the field. All three hold high standards over their players on the field. I admire the players who play for the love of the game. My favorite player in all of football was "sweetness" Walter Payton. He had 'the right stuff! "

 What do you think gave you the competitive advantage to win?

I've already explained of Whom I owe my competitive edge. So, when I have won money, or have had extra money I think of St. Jude's Hospital for Children.  I am currently on disability, so money is scarce, yet, 10% will go to St. Jude's. Country music is just awesome in their support of this fine institution, where no child is turned away, & the parents are not financially devastated because of the support of individual donors & many, many organizations who have fundraisers or donate. I used this & my family to beef up the competitive edge. Then, about the end of the season, my computer needs a major repair. So I really need to think hard on these scores.

 Who do you want to see win the Big Game?

I know a lot of hometown folks here will be rooting for Peyton Manning & the Broncos. Eventhough Denver has an awesome defense & Peyton is an excellent quarterback, I will pick Carolina based on what I have seen over the last season. Cam Newton's ability to run the ball like a fullback should open up the passing game. Don't believe there will be a blowout, as with Carolina's win over the Cardinals, but I am looking for a Carolina win. I do hope for a SUPER "Big Game" & no injuries on either team.