It's a very sad day in Owensboro, Kentucky.  News is breaking this morning that former Daviess County Judge Executive Buzz Norris has died at the age of 82.  A beloved educator and lawmaker, Buzz was adored by many for his passion, service to his community and students and a biting, sardonic wit that folks like me loved to pry out of him.

DCHS Yearbook

I remember being a senior in high school.  It was at that time that Mr. Norris was entering the race for Daviess County Judge Executive.  He and I used to kid around a lot and  I remember this one instance vividly . . . like it was yesterday.  We were walking down the stairs and he was asking my opinion about the fliers he had made that promoted his candidacy.  He said, "Chad, what do you think of these?"  Without missing a beat I said, "Well, they're fine . . . but I don't think anyone's going to vote for you!"  LOL!  Well, of course.  They did.  And Buzz Norris would eventually serve nearly a decade in the highest elected seat in the county.

Though I wouldn't have told him this that day, I actually secretly hoped people WOULD vote for him.  To this day, Buzz Norris is one of my all-time favorite teachers and community leaders.  He was feisty, dedicated and always spoke his mind.  In fact, I remember fondly a particular day in the classroom when I verbally disagreed with one of his political tirades.  He thanked me for sharing my opinion then quickly threatened to throw me out of his classroom window.

Wilbur MacDonald "Buzz" Norris Jr. was truly a one-of-a-kind teacher, leader and human being.  He left a mark on every single student he taught, every single person who met him.  Sadly, he died yesterday at the age of 82.  But I know many of us are going to carry him with us forever.

Rest in peace, Buzz.  And thanks for ratting me out to Nick Hurter and telling him it was me that toilet papered his house and stuck plastic forks in his yard.  Yeah.  Thanks for blowing that cover!