Many adults who didn’t graduate from high school for one reason or another are realizing the value of having a high school diploma and are looking for ways to get theirs. Your BBB® wishes to pass on information from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about high school diploma scams.

According to the FTC, scammers are creating fake diploma websites to trick consumers into paying for their diplomas which end up being worthless. The FTC lists the following signs of a high school diploma scam:

  • promising you that you can get your diploma quickly from home with no classes and no in-person test.
  • charging you for a diploma when the classes and testing are free; you shouldn’t have to pay for the diploma itself.
  • claiming that you can earn your diploma with just life experiences.
  • claiming to be affiliated with the federal government. There are legitimate tests or programs approved by your state; the federal government doesn’t offer programs for earning high school diplomas.

One way consumers who didn’t graduate from high school can obtain a high school equivalency diploma is by taking a test.

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