Well, I  finally finished watching the Hatfield and McCoy series on History Channel.  The six hour mini-series aired on the History Channel three nights beginning Memorial Day. The ratings were huge! It was the most
watched show for non-sports ever. With Kevin Costner as the Hatfield and Bill Paxton as the
McCoy shone in their respective  roles. I never saw so much shootin’ and spittin’!

If you didn’t see the show but would like to, the DVD set is out now.

But, all the Hatfield and McCoy talk doesn’t stop there.
In Pikeville, the home of the original Hatfield and McCoy feud, tourism is on the rise. This past week the 13th annual Hatfield McCoy reunion festival was held. Thousands are arriving in Pikeville to take  the Feud Site Guided tour, walk the trails and heading over to the Tug Valley sites as well.

Think I’m through with Hatfield and McCoy talk? Nope. According to CBS News if you are a descendant of the clans, television producers are looking to cast you in a reality show. You have to prove your lineage. Five to ten members will restart the feud that continued decades after it began after the War of Northern Aggression.