I always have a difficult time when I sit down to write a story like this.  It's hard to see the computer screen and the keys of the keyboard through the tears.  There's absolutely nothing more heartwarming than kids helping kids.  And, well, these kids have done it again.  Last year, Ava and Addy Riggs wanted to raise money for the children of St. Jude.  And they did.  This year, they decided to do it again and, thanks to a big old birthday party at the movies in Tell City, the kiddos raised an astounding amount money with the help of their friends.

Photo by Jennifer Simpson-Riggs

To say the party was a HUGE success is an understatement.  Ava and Addy's mom, Jennifer Simpson-Riggs, put it best when she posted the tally on Facebook-

I can't even wrap my head around how blessed we are today! Everybody that came out for girls' birthday and the amount that was raised for St Jude was crazy!! Girls want to thank everybody from the bottom of their hearts for donations everybody made for St Jude! Thanks everybody for coming and celebrating with us today!!!

Wanna know how much they raised???  An astounding $500!  Absolutely amazing achievement!  And to cap off a great party, the family fired up the candles on the giant birthday cookie and everyone celebrated.

Happy Birthday, Ava and Addy!  Keep up the great work.  You are amazing girls who are making a huge difference for other little boys and girls.  And I can tell you . . . the $500 you raised with huge smiles on your faces will result in even bigger smiles on the faces of others.

Photo by Jennifer Simpson-Riggs

These two . . . wise beyond their years and an absolute inspiration.  They used their birthday to make sure other kids get the chance to celebrate theirs.  Here we go again . . . tears.  I can't see the computer screen.