Monday afternoon, I went down the hall to get a cup of coffee. As I got near my door while returning to my office, my notification tone sounded.

I thought it was a text or an email or a tweet.

Nope, my phone--an LG G5--had loaded the Snapchat app.

I found this to be interesting since I pretty much thought that I was the one who had to download an app if I wanted it.

And I'm not super-keen on downloading apps right about now since I downloaded the CNN app the other night and the next morning couldn't use my own home wi-fi.

Yep, according to a member of the LG support staff, an app I'd downloaded--turned out to be CNN--was preventing me from using wi-fi.

So out it went.

And now the darn thing is loading apps on its own. Well, just that one, I guess, but it's never happened before with any other phone.

Am I dealing with some form of artificial intelligence?

And before I go any further, this isn't a HUGE problem. Just a weird one. It hasn't happened again.

And I went to a Yahoo! tech site that offers solutions to LG G5 problems and this isn't even listed.

Plus, none of the problems that WERE are any that I'm experiencing. And one of them I don't even consider a problem.

So, there it is.

A weird little tale about the LG G5 that got tired of me not being interested in Snapchat and decided to do something about it.

And then I did something about it RIGHT BACK.

The end.