Photo from: John Bays

In my office/studio is a beautiful framed photo of Owensboro's Executive Inn Rivermont. The place is gone now but the memories of the 30+ years of entertainment and good times remain.

As I look at the picture of the E I think back to opening day when I first met Bob Green. The many Kentucky Jay-cee conventions, banquets, weddings, and great meal we experienced in the Gourmet Room.

Steve Chandler, Jan Kinsey and I spent almost every weekend hosting shows in the Showroom Lounge. On rare occasions when the place was dark we were bored. The Exec was certainly my home away from home.

I began to think that I was not the only one with fond memories of the Executive Inn Rivermont.  Perhaps YOU have one or two memories or photos that you want to share.

Were you there when Red Skelton performed? Or Ray Charles, Toby Keith, or Wayne Newton? Were you one of the lucky ones who met future Pesident George Bush Sr. or Former Persident  Bill Clinton? Brad Paisley, Loretta Lynn or .38 Special ?

How about a wedding, birthday or anniversary? Maybe you worked at the hotel. What are your memories?

I invite you to post them here to share with others on the 1490WOMI website. You need to be an Insider to post but that is easy to do. Just click on 1490womi Insiders at the top of the home page. I look forward to hearing about your memories.

You can always email me your comments/pictures at