April is Alcohol Awareness Month and, here at WBKR, we wanted to do something special to help raise awareness about the people who are battling addiction and those alongside them who are locked in the battle as well.

This song is called "I Try."  D.J. Potter and I wrote this song together about 8 years ago.  We wrote the song in our typical fashion.  D.J. built a melody and asked, "What do you hear?"  And this is what I heard.  I heard struggle.  More specifically, I heard, in vivid lyrics, the story of a person grappling with the unpredictability and heartbreak of being in love with an addict, an alcoholic.  I always knew this song needed to be used for something.  Every single time I hear it, I really HEAR it.  I know these people.  And I know you know these people.  And I know some of these people listen to our radio station and I know they fight this battle each and every day.

So, this April, we decided to use "I Try" to help spread awareness about the folks who are battling alcohol addiction- the ones who battle it first and secondhand.

We have to thank Randy Lanham, who selflessly donated his talents, time and studio to the project.  And we have to extend special thanks to Dr. Ronsonlyn Clark with River Valley Behavioral Health.  Dr. Clark's on the front lines of this war daily and was happy to lend her expertise to the project.