Exfoliating my skin and my face is an extremely cleansing refreshing experience. I don't buy exfoliating face wash all the time, but now, I need to buy it while I can. Personal care products containing microbeads will be phased out beginning in 2017. No way!

President Obama signed into law last week the Microbead-Free Waters Act. It passed with bipartisan support in Congress. Basically, the tiny plastic microbeads in personal care products could possibly pollute lakes and oceans because they do not dissolve. If fish eat these, they could also be consumed by us, the very people who just used them to wash our faces and our bodies. A circle of life built on a tiny piece of plastic no bigger than a grain of salt.

The new federal law prohibits the manufacture of products containing microbeads as of July 1, 2017. I'm weeping.