I've tried photoshopping. It looks ridiculous. Now if my grandfather were my age in THIS day and age, he could do it. Terrific photographer. Just like his dad.

As much as I believe the grandparents and great aunts and uncles on one side of my family would have NO use for modern technology if they were living today, the other side would TOTALLY embrace it. And it would be cool to see them try.

And my granddad would be able to spot a phony a mile away.

I, on the other hand, cannot.

But I'm willing to pick these 15 apart.

1. The airplane flying WAY too close to the beach. I immediately looked for enough people not looking up. But enough people ARE looking up. They just don't seem to be looking at the airplane. I could be wrong.

2. The snake-like bridge? Yeah, I buy that. I'm just not sure I want to DRIVE on it.

3. The Guatemalan sinkhole actually LOOKS like it was photoshopped, except I absolutely don't believe it was. Those things, when they open up, they DO look fake in a photo. That's how random and sudden they are. And creeeeepy! I mean look at that thing.

4. Blue salt fields in Australia. Hmmm. Blue salt? Since I have no point of reference on what a blue salt field might look like, I'll take their word for it. It IS kinda cool.

5. First of all, I love the name "mothership thunderstorm." Somebody has GOT to name their album that. As for the picture, I've actually seen photos like this that we KNEW were photoshopped. On the other hand, it won an award from National Geographic, and you've gotta think they know the difference. I mean, come on.

6. The photo of Carlos Rodriguez really does look photoshopped at first, but no. That's real. Look at those scars. Also, it's good to know he's living a normal life.

7. So how cool is the Newfoundland iceberg? Really amazing. No reason to think this one was worked on. The scientific explanation makes perfect sense.

8. This one makes me a little sad. Moving on.

9. Sure! Why not? In Dubai, they seem to go out their way to make buildings as tall as they possibly can. A little eerie.

10. Oh Lord! Fuhgeddaboutit!

(By the way, these photos are getting more and more believable.)

11. How cool would THIS be for a geology class field trip? Or maybe even just a set for another Willie Wonka movie.

12. I'm glad there are people who can do jobs like the ones those guys are doing or about to do, whatever that might be.

13. I was a big fan of animal shows growing up, like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, among others. Loved 'em. And, of course, Animal Planet. So I've seen these goats before. Well, not THESE goats, but you know what I mean.

14. This reminds me of a movie I saw a long time ago that I hated called What Dreams May Come. Also, I would have loved seeing Bob Ross paint this.

15. Looks like a painting doesn't it? It's also reminiscent, somehow, of a scene from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. And I love what that background actually is.

There you go. What do you think? I have no choice but to believe them. It would be pointless, I think, to put these up if they were fake.

Which one was YOUR favorite?