After a health scare over the weekend, some reports on Facebook surfaced claiming that Hillary Clinton has passed away...Is it true?

The simple answer: NO

According to the website, it claimed that a New York TV station feed was cut right after they announced the passing of Presidental candidate Hillary Clinton. See the story HERE

We did some research and checked out to find the story is COMPLETELY FALSE!

"The claim that WABC-TV reported the actual death of Hillary Clinton during their 11 PM news broadcast on 11 September 2016 and then edited that information out of their video archive to cover up the truth also seems implausible. WABC's Nielsen ratings peg the station and its nightly news broadcast as leaders in the populous New York City metropolitan area, "attract[ing] a larger audience than any other television station in the nation," and "[leading] all other local news stations throughout the day." Had WABC aired such a potentially huge news story, Twitter and Facebook would have been immediately awash in user-captured clips and reactions to the broadcast, and the segment would have become national news reported by credible media outlets. Yet all that's turned up so far is single poor-quality (alleged) video capture of a brief announcement published a day later by a notorious conspiracy hoax site."

Hillary is still alive and still battling Donald Trump in the November Presidental Election!

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