I do not have an iPhone. When I made the move into the world of smartphones from Blackberry, I went the Android route and have stayed on it ever since.

Now, we all know that Apple collects data from users. That's why they're what they are and we have a Steve Jobs movie.

Blogger Joe McGauley--in a refreshingly alarmist tone--reports there's a "sentient" (great word) map hidden deep within the bowels (my words, not his) of your Settings menu, you iPhone users, you.

And it plots every location you've visited--when and how frequently.

And if anyone has access to your iPhone and they know what to do, they can look it up.


But you can shut it off.

Now I could give you the details, but I'm afraid I'd throw in a typo, not catch it, and there you'd be, coughing up who knows how much money because of all the extra data you somehow downloaded thanks to that dork, Dave Spencer.

So I'll just say, "Click here." And then you, you know, click THERE and you're on your way.

By the way, I haven't been alerted if a similar thing is happening with Android. Normally, I'd be all "never underestimate the power of denial" but I hope the 'Droid folks are forthcoming if the need arises.