This happens to me (or my socks rather) every single time I do laundry.  I don't know if my Whirlpool washing machine has an insatiable appetite for my sweaty, nasty black socks or what?  But it never fails!  If I put 12 socks in the washer, only 11 seem to make it out of the dryer.  Lost socks are a phenomenon, a plague!  And, today, we remember all those socks who started life as a pair . . . only to have their loved one, their playmate, their companions ripped away.

Yes!  It's National Lost Sock Memorial Day!  It's such a common occurrence that it's earned its own national day of awareness and remembrance.  But, look!  I was surfing around on YouTube (yes, my life is that sad that I actually typed "how to prevent odd socks" into my YouTube browser) and found a solution.  Why haven't I heard of this?  Have you all heard of this???

This is absolute genius!  But, of course, there's a big fat catch!  According to the No Odd Socks website, this product is only available in Australia or New Zealand.  Maybe that's why, here in the United States, we're forced to celebrate and recognize National Lost Sock Memorial Day!

I'm sick of the Australians.  They have all the fun stuff:  koalas, Olivia Newton John, Hugh Jackman, and bags you wash your socks in.  #jealous