I've heard a lot of ridiculous things in my time, but this one? Well, it might not take the cake, but it's in the bakery and looking.

But how ridiculous is it?

UK Coach John Calipari has announced that, after a meeting with his team, all players who are eligible--Isaac Humphries and Tai Wynyard, both 18, are not--will declare for the NBA draft?

Even walk-ons.

I kid you not.

Unless Calipari is kidding, then I'd have to be, too.

But he's not.

According to Kentucky Sports Radio, Calipari talked about sacrifice for one another during the season, but that when the season is over, it's about the individual.

You see, anyone who doesn't dig deep enough into this announcement will find it outrageous.

But here's the deal. There's a new rule regarding the timetable surrounding a student athlete's decision to withdraw his name from consideration for the draft.

Players now have ten days to pull their names after the May NBA Draft Combine, during which potential draftees participate in interviews, have their physical measurements taken, participate in shooting and five-on-five drills, take medical tests, and perform various athletic tests in front of NBA coaches, scouts, and and general managers.

See, you can declare for the NBA draft until the cows come home, even IF you are just a walk-on.

But if you are not invited to the combine, that means you need to get back to class, so to speak.

And even some of the players that ARE invited to participate in the combine may not hear what they want from NBA bigwigs and also return.

So, I know what Calipari is doing. It's smart and it's for his kids.

What an opportunity for them.

I think it's terrific.