In a recent radio interview, host Mike Lupica got into a discussion with UK coach John Calipari about on-campus violations by players.

He said that coaches always know about violations that occur on campus.

Many will infer that Calipari is taking veiled shots across the bow at Louisville coach Rick Pitino and North Carolina coach Roy Williams, both of whom helm programs currently embroiled in scandals.

Of course, Calipari himself dealt with scandal at both the University of Massachusetts and the University of Memphis, so there are those who will likely drop the "pot calling the kettle black" cliche with regards to these comments.

But that's only if he REALLY was taking quiet aim at the two Hall of Fame coaches.

Frankly, that doesn't make much sense to me, nowadays. To do that deliberately seems childish to me.

Calipari may be a lot of things, but I don't believe "childish" is one of them.

Plus, it doesn't make sense. Sure, he could've been doing that because one of the coaches is Pitino, with whom he a has less-strained-than-people-would-like-to-believe relationship.

But what's he got against Roy Williams?

At any rate, I expect Calpari is correct regardless of what hidden meanings people want to believe are in his comments.