Diehard UK fans will always have great affection for the coaches that have helmed the storied program over the years--Adolph Rupp, Joe B. Hall, Rick..uh (okay maybe not him), Tubby Smith, and, of course John Calipari.

Billy Gillispie, unlike Mr. Pitino, was NEVER really embraced by Big Blue Nation. And he reciprocated by NOT embracing them.

Let's just say, those two Gillispie seasons are two seasons Wildcat fans may well have erased from their memories.

Now comes another reason for fans of Big Blue to pile on:

Washington Wizards superstar and former UK one-and-done phenom John Wall was once kicked out of a practice by Billy Gillispie, himself.

And it's fairly safe to say that had Kentucky not hired John Calipari in 2009, Wall would have ended up in Memphis.

But Calipari WAS hired and Wall DID suit up for the 'Cats and the rest is history. And he still embraces Kentucky has if he'd been here his whole life.

And that certainly would never have been the case had something different occurred seven years ago.