I don't understand something. I watched Kentucky and Texas A&M battle it out in a thrilling SEC Championship game on Sunday afternoon. Kentucky won, 82-77 in overtime. And then their seed--they got a 4--is one below the A&M, whom they beat.

I don't think a 4-seed is bad, by any stretch.

And if Texas A&M had received a 4, then I would be going at this from a completely different angle.

But the loser of that game gets a higher seed than the winner of that game?

Oh well. There are a lot of other head-scratching selections in this upcoming 2016 NCAA Tournament.

But let's get to one that isn't a head-scratcher. It's just really juicy.

If Kentucky wins its first game, it could play old foe Indiana. That annual rivalry game came to an end with the 2011-2012 season and the two traditional powers haven't met since.

But, again, Kentucky would have to beat a very good group of Stony Brook Seawolves, a team from Long Island making its first-ever appearance in the NCAA Tournament.

And Indiana would have to get past the Chattanooga Mocs, also a very good team.

The NCAA Tournament selection committee says they don't plan for matchups between old rivals or schools that are close to each other, but this looks awfully suspicious.

By the way, I see a lot of recent tournament opponents in the East Region like North Carolina, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Kentucky will open NCAA Tournament play this Thursday, March 17th, at approximately 8:40PM in Des Moines, Iowa.