The brainchild of Sen. Rand Paul, who dropped out of the Presiential race in early February, Kentucky's first ever Republican Caucus drew a large voter turnout statewide. Front-runner Donald Trump, who visited Louisville last week, won with nearly 36% while Sen. Ted Cruz wasn't far behind finishing with 31.5%.

Trump took 17 of Kentucky's 46 delegates, Cruz 15, Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Governor John Kasich each picked up 7. Sen. Cruz also nearly upset Trump in Louisiana. He won both Maine and Kansas on Saturday. Even though seven Republican candidates have dropped out, the latest being Dr. Ben Carson, all were on Kentucky's ballot.

In Western Kentucky, Sen. Cruz dominated winning Daviess, Hancock, Henderson, McLean, Union, and Webster counties. Trump won Hopkins, Muhlenberg, and Ohio counties. Rubio finished third in all but three of these counties.

Though no turnout record was set, many counties reported much higher numbers compared to what they were during the 2012 primary. Example, in Jefferson Co. (Louisville) 34,000 turned up compared to 26,000 four years ago.

Next up, the Democratic Primary on May 17th. 55 delegates will be up for grabs in Kentucky for either Sec of State Hillary Clinton or Sen. Bernie Sanders.