It's getting to the point where it's just smart to not even ANSWER the phone if you don't immediately recognize the number. And, actually, most people I know, including my whole family, don't.

Seriously, a number with an area code from Reno, Nevada? Forget it.

The phone rings and it says PRIVATE NUMBER? Come on!

Always beware.

Now, we have a phone scam targeting Kentucky Utilities customers.

According to WLKY in Louisville, messages are being left on phones that tell customers--and some are for Louisville Gas and Electric customers, as well--to call a fake number.

Should the customer make that call, he or she will hear what sounds like a typical automated answering system.

But here's the thing. There are some incidents in which these scammers alter the caller ID to make it look like it really is coming from the utility company.

And, of course, the customer is asked for his or her credit or debit card number which KU and LG&E never do.

Just call your local utility if you sense anything suspicious. And, I guess, that's not a bad idea for ANY utility customer.

I'm not sure why this sort of thing is more common now than it ever has been. For one thing, this particular scam doesn't seem dependent on social media, which can be an easy thing to blame on THIS modern problem or THAT modern problem.

Oh well, just look out.