I'm tired of writing about phone scams. Well, let me rephrase that. I'm tired of NEEDING to write about phone scams.

At the risk of sounding alarmingly naive, I'm tired of this level of dishonesty which (and here's where the naiveté vanishes) isn't going anywhere.

According to Attorney General Andy Beshear, there are callers who are posing as law enforcement officers, specifically members of sheriff's departments.

The scammers are offering "protection" for unknowing victims who've been issued a federal warrant. And that protection comes at a price.

How these low-lifes get the information about such warrants--and maybe they're guessing in the hope that they will occasionally hit paydirt--remains to be seen.

But Beshear advises anyone who receives such a call to disconnect immediately and get a hold of the Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection or their local sheriffs' office.

The new world in which we live has brought with it a good amount of risks, hasn't it?