Meet Lance Crabtree.  The fact that Lance is alive is a miracle.  When he was an infant, he was basically given no chance of survival and his parents were even advised to start making funeral arrangements for him.  That was thirteen years ago.  Yep!  Lance is now 13, full of life, and just obsessed with a certain country music singer.  For his birthday on May 30th, Lance's parents surprised him with tickets to see his crush, Carrie Underwood, live at The Ford Center in Evansville on November 11th.  What Lance really wants (and what we're hoping to make happen) is to meet Carrie when she's in town.

As you'll see in the video, Lance is primarily nonverbal.  However, all is takes is seeing Carrie Underwood or hearing her to make this kid start smiling and dancing.  He literally comes to life when he hears her.  It's literally one of the sweetest things I have ever seen.


Okay, Carrie!  This is all up to you!  Lance is ready to meet you when you come to Evansville and it would completely change this kid's life.

As for the concert, Lance doesn't particularly like loud noises so his parents are a bit concerned that he's not going to be able to make it through the concert.  I can tell you that he had a little bit of a reaction in the studio when our speakers were turned up too loud.  So, that's why we're hoping for a one-on-one meeting.  We know Lance is going to love it and we have a hunch Carrie will love him too.