UFO sightings and other creepy occurrences in Owensboro came up in conversation the other day. While I initially claimed that I'd never heard of any UFO's being spotted in town, I then remembered one.

And I was the one who spotted it.


While talking to my sister in front of her apartment not too long ago, I looked up in the sky and saw something moving very quietly across it.

It was silver and shaped like a pill.

And it seriously wasn't making a sound. And there was no contrail.

"UFO" didn't immediately jump to mind, but "UFO" doesn't have to mean "alien." And so that's what I was seeing--and unidentified flying object.

Later, I came to believe it was a drone.

Of course, it wasn't one of those you can buy at the store and use to spy on people. (And if THAT isn't a story for another day, I don't know what is! Seriously, why can you BUY those things?!?)

But what kind of drone WAS it, then? It was pretty high in the sky. Hmmmm...


Yes Bigfoot.

I mean, it's only fair that Owensboro has had its Bigfoot sighting since EVERY. OTHER. TOWN. IN. AMERICA. has, too. Or so it seems.

This happened a very long time ago when I was about 8 years old and Bigfoot sightings were red hot.

I seem to recall the big guy being spotted at the back of someone's property out on Fairview Drive. Of course, no one got a great look at it and there were no pictures.

But we had a police scanner in the house and we were listening to officers who were out there investigating it. THEY weren't saying "Bigfoot," of course, but that's what folks came to believe.

Later, I'd heard through my dad, who was deputy coroner at the time (and, no, there were no deaths associated with the sighting, he just had connections), that it may have been some fugitive who had covered himself in mud as a means of camouflaging himself.

Anyway, the story kind of faded away. But I never forgot it and, as an 8-year-old, was pretty shaken up at the time.