This is absolutely bizarre.  Now, I happen to love food.  But I'm certainly not going to change my name "New York Strip steak" or "Quesadilla" or "Hot Brown."  But a man in the UK just legally changed his name from Sam Smith (not the singer) to Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

Now, I'm seriously trying think about this.  Is there a food I love so much that I would adopt its name as my own.  I love beef carpaccio, but I don't think I would ask a judge to change my name from Chadwick to that.  I mean, beef carpaccio is basically raw meat and I'm not sure it's socially acceptable to walk around town having people refer to me as "raw meat."  That's flattering, but I think I'll pass.

What's your favorite food?  And can you imagine changing your name to it?  Tuna fish?  Taco John?  Hush Puppy?  Count Chocula?  In-N-Out Burger? Sir Beef?