Say hello to Karma!  Karma is our Sparky Pet of the Week and she is looking for her Forever Home! Let's find her one.

Karma is about a year old and is a pit bull terrier.  She is of course spayed, a graduate of a prison training program at the Green River Correctional Complex and is a death row dog!
Karma has quite the story.  She came to Saving Paws Animal Rescue because of blockage in her intestines.  Karma had very extensive surgery to remove this blockage which turned out to be a towel.  The surgery went great and she is just fine.  However she cannot be left alone with towels, blankets or toys because she will eat them.
Karma listens very well and can be consistent with basic commands like laying down and sitting.  She is good with basic obedience, house training, crate training and even knows a few tricks.  She is ready for her forever home and it's time we find her one!!  Visit SPARKY online and fill out the pre application and to browse over all of the animals that are at the Sparky Rescue Shelter!

The Sparky Pet of the Week is brought to you by Crossfit RugRats!!